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Weekend of 5/18


Mikkeller San Diego ‘Say Hey Sally’, 4.6% ABV, Pilsner. San Diego, CA – Bursting with floral hops and a soft cracker-like malt structure, layers of sunflower and pineapple develop a delicate hop profile. A snappy finish awakens the palate with a medium hop bitterness and a dry backbone.

Mikkeller San Diego ‘Henry Hops’, 6.5% ABV, IPA. San Diego, CA – Bright aromatics boasting orange blosson honey, pine needles, and ripe mango. Wonderfully balanced biscuit and toasted notes pair with lightly resinous hop bitterness to leave a crisp finish.

Mikkeller San Diego ‘Beer Geek Brunch‘, 10,9% ABV, Imperial Stout. San Diego, CA – Aroma of roasted malts, coffee, dark fruits and slight liquorice. Taste is quite roasted with lots of rye, coffee, chocolate with a fair amount of hop bitterness. Long finish and well balanced with an alcohol level that is nicely disguised. 

Mikkeller San Diego ‘Beer Geek Breakfast (Dark Horse Coffee)’, 7.5% ABV, Stout. San Diego, CA – Aroma brings out loads of roasted malt, piney hops and coffee. Flavor is super rich, with loads of oats, coffee and robust hops. A bold but simultaneosly fairly drinkable stout. Excellent enough to drink for breakfast 😉

Mikkeller ‘Ich Bin Berliner Apricot’, 3.7% ABV, Berliner Weisse. Copenhagen, DK – The newest in the ‘Ich Bin Berliner’ series – Aroma and taste of apricot, funk, citrus and some sour yogurt. Light bodied, bready finish and fairly dry. Nice drinkability!

Mikkeller ‘Drink’in Berliner Blueberry’, 2.7% ABV, Berliner Weisse. Copenhagen, DK – A true summer crusher especially at the low ABV of 2.7%! Crisp, dry, tart, fresh, fruity – lots of berries, LOADS of blueberries with some lactic, mild acidity and musty action with a firmly dry finish. 

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