Weekend of 11/04

Mikkeller/ Three Floyds ‘Bla Spøgelse’, 7.7% ABV, Blueberry Bluebic. Copenhagen, DK/ Muenster, Indiana  – Very well-balanced with loads of blueberries, with just enough tartness and a slight hint of dry barrel quality. The right amount of fruit, tartness and funk. Think a blueberry smoothie with alcohol. Yum.

Dark Horse ‘Scotty Karate’, 9.75% ABV, Scotch Ale. Marshall, MI – Tons of flavor, lots of caramel, roasted malts and a subtle but nice dark fruit quality. It goes down smooth and leaves you with a dry mouthfeel. Fantastic scotch ale from the always awesome Dark Horse.

Crooked Stave ‘Nightmare on Brett’, 9.666% ABV, Dark Sour. Denver, CO – Oh boy this beer will give you good nightmares about Brett(anyomces). It’ll get ya! Roastiness, sour cherry, oak and a hint of whiskey with a crisp dry lingering tart finish.

Two Roads/Evil Twin ‘Two Evil Pachamama’, 6.5% ABV, Porter. Stratford, CT / Brooklyn, NY – The second collaboration with these two! This time inspired by a recent trip to Peru, they brewed this porter with sweet potatoes, purple main, aji panca chili peppers. Fear not, the heat doesn’t come through that intense. Light pepper heat with plenty of pepper flavor, lots of earthy roasted coffee and chocolate notes. Very tasty and smooth.


Weekend of 10/28

Grimm ‘Awoogah’, 6.7% ABV, India Pale Ale. Brooklyn, NY – Zesty, hoppy, delicate, floral, tropical and citrus. Crush it, drink it, love it. Won’t last long.

Suarez Family ‘Squeaker’, 4.2% ABV, Tiny Pale Ale. Livingston, NY – Subtle peach and melon with some floral, crackery malt, and a grassy finish. Soft, delicate and hoppy session. Another beautitful tiny beer by the Suarez Family.

Oxbow ‘Freestyle #38’, 5% ABV, German Style Pilsner. Newcastle, ME – Crisp, spicy, very light malt sweetness balanced by nice hops. Refreshing and crushing. Why are you not drinking it?

De Dolle ‘Dulle Teve’, 10% ABV, Abbey Tripel. Even, Belgium – A favorite. Sweet and full-bodied with soft, rounded mouthfeel. Gentle toffee takes over until the grassy bitter finish. Rich and complex.  Stay warm with this bad boy.


Weekend of 10/21

Greenpoint Beer and Ale ‘Smash Street’, 6.2% ABV, Extra Pale Ale. Brooklyn, NY – It’s backkkkkkkkkk!! Hazy extra pale ale with loads of fruity, spicy, tropical, and citrus hop flavors.

Off Color Brewing ‘Yuzu Fierce’, 3.8% ABV, Berliner Weisse. Chicago, Illnois – Do you Yuzu? Big yuzu citrus flavor, think yuzu lemonade. Huge herbal taste, fruity, tasty and easy drinking. Delicious.

Pizza Boy ‘Cantaloupe’, 7.5% ABV, IPA. Enola, Pennsylvania – A whole lotta Cantaloupe. Tangy notes of cantaloupe and mango come out with a sweet undertone.  Straight Cantaloupe $$$ Juice. Moderately full bodied, well done.

Amager Bryghus ‘No Rice and Curry’, 5% ABV, IPL aka India Pale Lager. Kastrup, Denmark – Simple, crispy clean goodness. Fruity, mild floral notes and bready malts. Well balanced and crushable. My staff pick of the week 🙂


Weekend of 10/14

Hitachino ‘Hinamaru’, 7% ABV, Red Pepper Ale. Naka-shi Ibaraki  Japan – Brewed using a new barley “Kaneko Golden malted barley” and some Japanese fresh hops. After fermentation they added fresh Fukuremikan (DaiDai) juice and peel and fresh Sansho pepper. Smooth, light heat, peppery, tangerines, interesting and overall a fun beer!

Greenpoint Beer and Ale ‘Apply Formula’, 6% ABV, IPA. Brooklyn, NY – Brewed with 50% malted oats and copious amounts of American Centennial, Citra and Mosaic hops. Soft, hazy, tropical, juicy fruit stripe gum and raspberry undertones. Crush it.

Mikkeller San Diego ‘Kaffe Spøgelse’, 8.8% ABV, Double Black IPA. San Diego, CA – New to NYC! That’s right, Mikkeller just recently opened up their San Diego brewhouse and started pumpin’ out some excellent brews. This one right here is super complex, coffee bomb layered with hops and happiness. Wake up and drink up.

Against the Grain ‘Coq Le Marche Wine Aged’, 5.8% ABV, Saison. Louisville, KY – Another stellar offering by the ATG boys this time wine barrel aged! A sessionable saison; lemon zest, yeast, some very moderate mustiness and funk. Crisp, tart, and refreshing.


Weekend of 10/7

Founders ‘Breakfast Stout’, 8.3% ABV, Imperial Stout. Grand Rapids, MI – The classic, without which there would be no KBS. Brewed with oatmeal for a silky mouthfeel. Loaded with big coffee and chocolate aromas and flavors. Big rich and decadent, this is a lovely companion for chocolate desserts.

Grimm ‘Lambo Door’, 8% ABV, Double IPA. Brooklyn, NY – Gummi bear juice on fleek. Citra El Dorado, Simcoe you already know what it is. Pure hop candy good-goodness.

Grimm ‘Pulse Wave’, 8.5% ABV, Double IPA. Brooklyn, NY – Baller Equinox-based double IPA. Big fruit notes of peach, orange and pineapple. Resinous hoppy flavor with a firm, clean and lasting bitterness. Drink it.

Grimm ‘Splish’, 8% ABV, Double IPA. Brooklyn, NY – The newest hoppy offering from Grimm! Galaxy, Motueka, Wai-iti and Falconer’s Flight. A bit of oats, big lime pith and tropical fruit. Creamy body and balanced lingering bitterness.


Weekend of 9/23

Interboro ‘Here Comes the Drums’, 7.2% ABV, IPA. Brooklyn NY – East Coast IPA brewed with Pilsner and Vienna malts with a touch of Rye. Aromas of citrus, tropical fruits and bubblegum. Bright, juicy flavors follow through on aromatic promises.

Against the Grain ‘Citra Ass Down’, 8.2% ABV, Imperial IPA. Louisville, Kentucky – American Style IPA brewed with copious amounts of Citra Hops. Citrusy, sticky, hoppy and delicious. Simply drink it and enjoy it. Citra Ass Down and drink it now.

Stillwater/Dugges ‘Tropic Punch’, 4.5% ABV, Sour/Wild Ale. Baltimore, MD/ Landvetter, Sweden – Sour Blond Ale finished with mango, passion fruit and peach. Crisp quenching acidity to balance the juicy sweetness, a bit of grain, fruity pebbles and sour hawaiian punch feel. Extremely juicy and highly addicting.

Greenpoint Beer and Ale ‘Wield the Spade’, 4.8% ABV, Wet Hopped Amber. Brooklyn, NY – Brewed with British base malt, and a plethora of toasty, ready specialty malts. Well hopped with freshly picked “wet” Hudson Valley Cascade hops, with an assist from Equinox and Mosaic. Newest offering by our sister brewpub!


Weekend of 9/16

KCBC ‘Beach Zombie’, 3.5% ABV, Strawberry Guava Berliner. Bushwick, Brooklyn NY – Summer is over, get REVIVED with this refreshing beer by our good friends at KCBC! Brewed with 900+ pounds of fruit; this berliner packs a delicious tart & tropical punch.

Dupont/ Lost Abbey ‘Deux Amis’, 7% ABV, Saison. Towropes-Leuze, Belgium – French for “Two Friends” Deux Amis is brewed by Olivier Dedeycker (fourth generation Master Brewer at Brasserie Dupont) and Tomme Arthur (Brew Master of Lost Abbey). Smooth mellow flavor that’s got some gentle herbal saison esters, light bready yeast, a touch of clove and Belgian tree fruit/ stone fruit undertones. Tasty and incredible saison!

Modern Times ‘Oneida’, 5.8% ABV, American Pale Ale. San Diego, CA – Vigorously hoppy, aromatic pale ale. Fruity, complex, pungent hop aroma & flavor. Excited to get some Modern Times here on the east coast!

Evil Twin Brewing ‘Imperial Biscotti Break Raspberry Umami’, 11.5% ABV, Imperial Stout. Brooklyn, NY brewed at Westbrook in Mt Pleasant, SC. Newest version of Imperial Biscotti Break with Raspberries and in oak barrels. Raspberries, chocolate, salt, very complex and very well hidden ABV. Perfect for after dinner as dessert! And it happens to be the their birthday so Happy Birthday/Tillykke to Evil Twin’s Jeppe!