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E868BCCA-D9DA-4D15-9C9F-5B0D7E009C1DNo your eyes ūüĎÄ do not deceive you…
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Weekend of 5/18

Jolly Pumpkin/Stillwater¬†‘Losing Our Ledges’,¬†6,9% ABV. Dexter, MI/ Baltimore, MD – A hazy sour IPA. The addition of six hop varieties give off aromas of fresh grapefruit and citrus peel. Taste of sour Jolly Pumpkin funk, ripe citrus, grapefruit pith, and spicy notes strike first before fading to a delightfully dry and spicy finish.¬†

Finback/ Alvarado Street Brewery¬†‘Freshly‘, 6,7%¬†ABV.¬†Queens, NY/ Monterey, CA – IPA brewed with a big big dose of oats, dry hopped with Galaxy, Citra, and Australian Enigma. Fruity and tropical.

Off Color ‘Apex Predator’, 6,5%¬†ABV.¬†Chicago, IL – Farmhouse Ale. Brewed only with grain and sugar – a hazy golden body with generous amounts of Crystal dry-hopping that completes the dry finish with a fruity bite. Pounce on the opportunity to let it part your lips and you may find yourself at the top of the food chain.

Hill Farmstead ‘Double Citra’, 8%¬†ABV. Greensboro Bend, VT – An American Imperial Pale Ale bittered, flavored and dry hopped exclusively with Citra hops from the American Pacific Northwest. A true gem.

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Weekend of 5/11

Fair State¬†‘Roselle’,¬†5,7% ABV. Minneapolis, MN¬†– A kettle sour saison with hibiscus. Soured with their house lactobacillus strain and infused with hibiscus flowers, which lends the beer floral & citrus aromas, flavors and it’s red hue. Tart, fruity & floral.

Svendale ‘Four on the Floor‘, 4,5%¬†ABV.¬†Millerton, NY – Dry Hopped Lager. Notes of honey suckle and wild flower that carry¬†over into the flavor with a blast of candied orange fruit and grapefruit zest, a little burst of berry and melon with a pleasant herbaceous hoppiness in the¬†finish.¬†

Yazoo Embrace the Funk Series:¬†‘Trio’, 7,7%¬†ABV.¬†Nashville, TN – A Brettanomyces fermented red ale with Raspberries aged in Tennessee red wine barrels that once held Tennessee Whiskey. Bright and balanced fruity funky charred oakiness.¬†

Bagby Beer ‘Murphy’s Lawger’, 6,4%¬†ABV. Oceanside, CA – Amber Lager. Copper color, notes of caramel, toasted bread and restrained bitterness. Flavorful & refreshing!

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Weekend of 5/4

Godspeed¬†‘Yuzu¬†śüöŚ≠ź‘,¬†4,6% ABV. Toronto, Canada.¬†Bright, vibrant Saison with Yuzu. Clove and orange pith. Quenching.

Transmitter ‘S4‘,¬†6,6%¬†ABV.¬†Long Island City, NY – Pilsner and White Wheat malt are combined with a French Saison Yeast to create and earthy dry beer with notes of pepper and fruit. Effervescent with clean yeast profile and subtle dry hopping.

Other Half ‘Feels Like Outerspace’,¬†10,5%¬†ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY – Triple IPA brewed with Golden Promise, torrefied wheat, malted wheat and oats and hopped with Galaxy, Vic Secret and El Dorado.¬†

Burial / Holy Mountain¬†¬†‘Pools of Emerald Green’,¬†5%¬†ABV. Asheville, NC/ Seattle, WA –¬†Brewed with Washington-grown barley and wheat, paired with Yakima Valley Comet and Cascade hops. Bright citrus zest, green grass and dry effervescence.¬†

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Weekend of 3/30

KCBC¬†‘Queens of Shadows’, 9,7% ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY – Imperial Coffee Stout featuring a beautiful honey-processed coffee from the award-winning Las Flores farm in Honduras, roasted by their friends & neighbors at Spectrum Coffee and then blended with their big ol’ stout. Blasts of coffee, toasty rye and oats, subtle dark fruit and bitter chocolate.¬†

Greenpoint Beer and Ale¬†‘Something in the Sky‘, 8,9%¬†ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY¬†– Belgian Tripel with Brett. A mostly classic interpretation of a light, strong Belgian Trappist ale. Brewed with Pilsner malt and sugar to boost alcohol and keep a lean body. Hopped with Czech Saaz. Fermented with their house brett saison blend, which pushes a pleasant overripe pineapple aroma alongside typical Belgian esters.¬†

Hudson Valley ‘Soulcaster’, 5%¬†ABV.¬†Beacon, NY – a little sour IPA with Azacca and Citra hops. Bright citrus on the nose with a touch of sweetness and pineapple. Medium bodied with some light acidity. Gentle with a slight hint of milk sugar, tons of¬†¬†pineapple and tangy acidity in¬†the finish.¬†

Thisted Bryghus ‘Limfsjordporter’,7,9%¬†ABV. Thisted, Denmark – One of the best beers to come out of Denmark. A Baltic Porter brewed with licorice. The recipe contains an¬†unusual though intriguing blend of smoked malt and English licorice resulting in an elegant balance on a slightly higher level than usually seen, making it the brewmaster’s personal favorite and the brewery’s “heart baby”.¬†MANOWAR FLYER.jpg

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Weekend of 3/23


Maine Beer¬†‘Woods & Waters’, 6,2% ABV.¬†Freeport, ME¬†– They brewed this special IPA to commemorate the establishment of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. They incorporated Maine-grown barley and wheat, along with generous amounts of hops with flavors and aromas of pine, berries, citrus, reminiscent of the outdoors. Cheers to Mother Nature and all she provides us! Please take good care of her ‚̧

Greenpoint Beer and Ale¬†‘It’s Educational‘, 4,3%¬†ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY¬†– 100% Oat Lager from our siblings over at GB&A. An experimental SMaSH beer that lets you fully experience two ingredients: Malted Oats and Jester hops. Fermented with our house German Lager strain. Unfiltered, but surprisingly clear from the lagering process. Notes of fresh dough, lemon-lime soda and cut grass. BTW, we’re all SOLD OUT of their newest IPA¬†“Maybe Someday” cans!

Industrial Arts¬†‘Warehouse’, 6,2%¬†ABV.¬†Garnerville, NY – Saison-style ale. Just in time for the vernal equinox, this sweet bebe is brewed with 100% New York State Malt, Hops and Water. Rich golden color and loud notes of pepper and orange abound.¬†

Fifth Hammer/ Perennial ‘Tenor Gladness’, 8,2%¬†ABV. Long Island City, NY / St. Louis, MI¬†– Fifth Hammer’s first collab beer celebrating friendship between two brewers, Fifth Hammer’s Chris Cuzme & Jonathan Moxey of Perennial. Two righteous dudes that have helped mold the NYC beer scene since fo’ eva. They share a love for a particular Belgian Dark Strong ale, a true OG, and created this in its honor. Notes of dark cherries and bananas foster meld with smooth boozy goodness in this warming ale.¬†

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Weekend of 3/16

Gigantic¬†‘Most Premium’, 10% ABV.¬†Portland, OR¬†– Russian Imperial Stout. As black as the uncaring hearts of the czars of Russia, as rich as their estates, as decadent as their palaces, and big enough for their empire, this imperial stout is nothing if not premium.

Jolly Pumpkin/Jester King¬†‘Gammadeluxe‘, 7,5%¬†ABV.¬†Dexter, MI/ Austin, TX¬†– A sour Monkish Brewing Co inspired IPA. An aroma of funky fruit tannins in the nose, packed full of seven different hop varieties giving notes of grapefruit, touch of pineapple, light Brett characteristics, and a tannin dryness.¬†

Omnipollo ‘Beglo’, 6%¬†ABV.¬†Stockholm, Sweden¬†– A 100% Simcoe Post Skate IPA brewed for Globe Skateboards. Nice, light & summery and easy – the perfect refresher after you shred on the board.

Lost Nation¬†‘Rustic Ale’, 5,4%¬†ABV. Morrisville, VT¬†– A ruby colored ale that has a pronounced hop character. This smooth beer features a soft malt body that is complimented by American hops and dry hopped with whole flower hops just prior to kegging for a fresh hop finish.¬†

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Weekend of 3/2

Suarez Family ‘Why Not?’,¬†4,9% ABV.¬†Livingston, NY – New Pale Ale from our favorite family. Brewed with Nelson, Ekuanot, and Centennial. Hop character balances resin with guava.¬†

Industrial Arts/ Threes¬†‘Prior Restraint‘,¬†5%¬†ABV.¬†Garnerville, NY/ Brooklyn, NY¬†– Brewed with Threes Brewing! That classic, raw German-style lager… the one you truly¬†all just really need. Timelessly floral in that old world way with just enough maltiness to keep it compellling.¬†

Finback ‘DDH¬†Chromoscope’,¬†8%¬†ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY¬†– a killer dry-hopped IPA¬†with Simcoe and Mosaic. Dank, hoppy with notes of berries and tropical fruit.¬†

Folksbier¬†‘Dark Sigil’,¬†7,2%¬†ABV. Brooklyn, NY¬†– a robust Porter with a rich body and dark complexities of coffee and chocolate. It’s mystical power is not for the faint of heart.¬†

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Weekend of 2/9

Interboro ‘Ill Plus Matic’,¬†8,2% ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY – Bursts of apricot, lemon and peach with flavors of sweet honey melon and citrus. Finishes with a slight hop tang ~ a staff favorite.¬†

Interboro/Tired Hands¬†‘Word Play‘,¬†8%¬†ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY/ Ardmore, PA¬†– Double India Pink Ale was brewed with Pink Grapefruit, Pink peppercorns and Cochineal for the perfection pink perception. Hopped with Cascade, Amarillo, Galaxy and Crystal. Pilsner malt & lots of different kinds of wheat. Fermented with a historic blend of proprietary yeasts.

LIC Beer Project¬†‘Aurelia’,¬†5,7%¬†ABV.¬†LIC, NY – A farmhouse style ale¬†brewed with their house saison yeast. Delicate spice in the aroma with hints of toast. Subtle dark fruits with a bready malt character. After a short lagering period, this beer finishes clean and dry with a firm earthy bitterness.¬†

LIC Beer Project¬†‘Both Sides of the Rainbow’,¬†8,5%¬†ABV.¬†LIC, NY – Double dry hopped with Belma, Mosaic, and El Dorado. Brewed with an enormous amount of oats leaving it super creamy. Pops of overripe berries with orange marmalade on the finish.¬†

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Weekend of 2/2

Grimm ‘Secret Track’,¬†4,5% ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY – Grisette (or petite saison, take your pick). Barely tart,¬†delicate and funky little crusher produced with a traditional Belgian step mash of wheat and pilsner malt. Exclusively hopped with Motueka. Notes of black pepper and juicy fruit, with enticing resinous hop tones of strawberry, lime pith and sherbet.¬†

Hill Farmstead¬†‘Marie‘, 4,8%¬†ABV.¬†Greensboro Bend, VT¬†– A beautifully soft, unfiltered Helles lager. Lightly hazy, clean, crisp and sessionable. Slightly hopped lager with absolutely no flaws. Damn.

KCBC¬†‘Flying Canoe’, 6,2%¬†ABV.¬†Brooklyn, NY – A hoppy brown ale inspired by the French Canadian tale of “La Chasse-galerie” and featuring La Quebecoise 2-row pale malt, with Amarilllo, Centennial and Chinook hops. Bursting with aromas and flavors of dark pine, grapefruit rind, flaked wheat and chocolate.¬†

Half Acre¬†‘Bourbon Barrel Aged¬†Big Hugs’, 12%¬†ABV.¬†Chicago, IL¬†– Giant bourbon barrel aged bourbon stout, with notes of espresso liquor, bourbon, cocoa nibs, vanilla, and tobacco. Smooth AF despite the high ABV. Wonderful and elegant.¬†

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Weekend of 1/26

JW Lees¬†‘Harvest Ale 2015 Calvados’,¬†11,5% ABV.¬†Middleton, England¬†– English-style Barleywine matured in Calvados casks for 4 months. Nose is sweet with apricots, apple and honeydew with caramel undertone. The fruit flavors from being matured in the Calvados is tasted first, followed by a slight spicy flavor. Finishes long and sweet.

Hill Farmstead¬†‘Abner‘,¬†8%¬†ABV.¬†Greensboro Bend, VT¬†– An Imperial IPA brewed with a plethora of hops. Unfiltered, naturally carbonated and double dry hopped. Aromatic and flowery, bursting with notes of citrus and pine. Simply stunning.¬†

Hudson Valley ‘Incandenza’,¬†6%¬†ABV.¬†Beacon, NY – A Sour IPA brewed with two row barley and raw wheat, hopped with Citra and Simcoe in the whirlpool and fermented with mixed culture. Moderate lactic acid, dank, yogurt, orange, and tropical fruit notes with a dry finish.

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