Weekend of 5/6

Transmitter ‘S9’, 5.8% ABV, Saison.

Pizza Boy ‘Dissin’ Terry’, 10% ABV, Saison

Greenpoint Beer & Ale ‘GOAT 45’, 7.5% ABV, Maibock

Pipeworks ‘Lizard King’, 6% ABV, Mosaic IPA

Pipeworks ‘Kwingston’s Kitty Cat-ina’, 7.2% ABV, American Pale Ale

Evil Twin ‘Pils Al Pastor’, 8% ABV, Imperial Pilsner


Weekend of 4/29

Tired Hands ‘Sunshine Green’, 6.4% ABV, IPA. Brewed with oats. Hopped singularly and intensely with a Experimental Hop #06297. Light mouthfeel, very aromatic, refreshing and crisp! Solid.

Greenpoint Beer & Ale ‘Mangoteka’, 4.5% ABV, American Wild Ale. An exploration of hops and fruit. Fermented with Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces Claussenii, hopped exclusively with limey, melony Motueka hops and conditioned with over 300 pounds of pureed mangoes. Sour, with crushed citrus, peach and pithy mango. Erik and Jeff are killin’ it.

De Ranke ‘Bitter XX’, 6.2% ABV, Belgian Ale. Brewed with pale pilsner malt and loads of Brewers Gold and Hallertau hop flowers. Beautiful balance of hops and malt; billed as “The Hoppiest Beer of Belgium”. Will convert you fo’ sho if you are afraid of those IBUs. Top pick!

Nøgne Ø ‘Gamle Rygene Brun’, 10% ABV, American Strong Ale. More of an Imperial Old Brown with dark malts, lots of dry fruits, wood, hints of chocolate and red wine with some acidity. Much flavor but no sharp edges, smooth. Alcohol is dangerously well hidden. Highly enjoyable. 

Way Beer ‘Amburana Lager’, 8.4% ABV, Doppelbock. The most Brazilian beer of Way Beer. Aged in Amburana Cearensis barrels and brewed with candi sugar; hints of vanilla and dry fruit. Semi-dry finish.

Way Beer ‘Farmhouse Ale’, 6.2% ABV, Farmhouse Ale. Native from the Atlantic rainforest, Gabiroba is a yellow, juicy and spicy fruit. It is not cultivated and was hand harvested just before being added to the kettle. They added this fruit to the farmhouse ale because it’s commonly found in the streets of Curitiba. When they were kids, they used to eat the fruit directly from the tree or throw it at their friends from the neighborhood.

Way Beer ‘Sour Me Not Acerola’, 4% ABV, Berliner Weisse. One of the most extreme beers from Way Beer. Sour fruit beer with wild fermentation of Acerola; a critical Brazilian fruit. Wonderful flavor; sour, lactic and fruitness. Light bodied, bad ass and refreshing!


Game of Thrones 4/24

We are super excited for the new season premiere of Game of Thrones! We have these bottles available for purchase: Ommegang ‘Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms’ hoppy wheat ale & as an extra bonus we will have Ommegang ‘Game of Thrones Fire and Blood’ on draft; available in growlers as well! We close at 10PM. 🐉👑🛡⚔🗡13083303_10156817168450716_8691480686528692148_n


Weekend Drafts 4/22

Hill Farmstead ‘Harlan’, 6% ABV, IPA. If you’ve had Hill Farmstead before you know the deal. This is Edward’s (American Pale Ale) slightly more aggresive alter ego. Hints of pine, smooth sweet malts and citrus fruit. Clean and absolutely outstanding.

Tø Øl ‘Berry White’, 5% ABV, Witbier. Smooth yet refreshing mouthfeel. Blackberries & blueberries add a fruit flavor while Amarillo and Mosaic hops add a touch of bitterness. Slightly sour mashed for balance.

Brewski ‘Passionfeber’, 7% ABV, IPA. Creativity flows in Brewski (Sweden) who presents his third beer in the ‘fever /feber’ range of beers with real fruit. This beer contains copious amounts of hops (Mosaic and Cotta) and Passion(fruit). Exquisite bitterness & medium bodied. Absolutely delicious – highly recommended for those that dig fruity IPAs. Exotic.

Grimm ‘Liquid Crystal’, 6.2% ABV, Farmhouse Ale. We❤ you Grimm. This is a righteous fine, earthy, delicate saison. They used a blend of west coast hops in this bad boy mainly Azacca; funky, crisp and highly crushable. ABV hids reallllll well in this one so be wary & have fun😉



Weekend Drafts 4/15/16

Maine Beer Co ‘Lunch’, 7% ABV, IPA. East Coast version of a West Coast IPA. Intense hop flavors with very well balanced sweetish malt and caramel. Medium bodied, very smooth drinking. Probably one of the best IPA’s you’ll ever have. Won’t last throughout the weekend!

Other Half ‘Motueka/Mosaic’, 6.7% ABV, IPA. “It’s so good, once it hits your lips, it’s so good” Frank the Tank ‘Old School’. You’ll just want to fill this bad boy up over and over again because yes it’s that good. Excellent balance between the two hops with a juicy slightly dry finish. S-M-O-O-T-H.

Amager Bryghus/ Surly ‘Todd the Axeman’, 6.5% ABV, Brewed for Todd Haug; world class brewer from Surly Brewing and master of the axe (guitar) by the wonderful Danish folks over at Amager Bryghus. A potent IPA loaded with fresh American hops and Golden Promise malt, Surly’s signature malt. Dry, smooth, fruity, and light pine onto a solid hoppy finish.

Urban Family ‘Clouds of Pale Gold’, 5.3% ABV, Brett Farmhouse. Brewed with Meyer lemons and Dandelion greens, loads of citrus zest and biscuity malt. Rustic, citrus, dry and bready. New to the East Coast! A must try – complex and well-designed.

Omnipollo ‘Noa Mud Pecan Cake’, 11% ABV, Imperial Stout. Born from the brewer’s childhood ambition to be a pastry chef, this rich and smooth stout is bursting with flavors of chocolate, peanut butter and toffee with subtle notes of maple syrup and burnt sugar. Don’t deny yourself, get one. 

Tired Hands ‘Lemmynade’, 5.8% ABV, Blended Lemon Saison. A blend of bone dry mature oak fermented Saison and zippy young oak fermented Saison. Conditioned atop heaps of lemon puree. Rest in Power Lemmy <3 Long live Motörhead.

Tired Hands ‘Only Void Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee’, 10.5% ABV, Imperial Stout. Brewed with heaps of caramel malts, roasted barley, dark wheat, chocolate malts, oats and lactose. Hopped with Centennial. Cold Conditioned on heavy amounts of Awake Minds Ethiopian Coffee for many moons. Decadent doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Tired Hands ‘Dry-Hopped Trendler’, 5.5% ABV, Keller Pilsner. Brewed with wheat and hopped intensely with Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, and Mandarina Bavaria. Crisp and aromatic with a nice mineral finish. Sharp citrus, spicy earth, bright sunshine.


4/8/16 Weekend Drafts

Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co ‘Vert Mont’ 6.8% ABV EAST COAST IPA

Mountains of green hops in this IPA. Citra, Mosaic, and Centennial hops. Acres of tonal tropical, fruit juicy, citrus hop aroma and flavor. Mass quantity of dry hops. Easy bready malt, light bitterness. EXCELLENT.

Maine Beer Co. ‘Another One’ 7% ABV IPAHoppy pine flavor, passionfruit, peach, caramel notes, some orange zest. Hugely drinkable IPA. You’ll want to have another one, and another one, and another one. Maine never disappoints. We have ‘Weez’ ‘Beer II’ and ‘Peeper’ bottles in stock. This keg will not last throughout the weekend!

Bruery Terreux (aka The Breury) ‘Rueuze’ 6% ABV SOUR BLONDE ALEApricot, funk, green apple, bready/grainy malt, lemon peel, and earthy flavors all noticeable. It’s nice and tart. Medium bodied and super refreshing!

Omnipollo ‘Aniara’ 6% ABV AMERICAN PALE ALEHailing from Stockholm, Sweden; this pale ale is fermented with lemon juice. Light, crisp, uplifting and a sour finish from the lemon. Great beer to preview our upcoming event on Wednesday 4/13 and the better weather that is coming! PSYCHED!