Weekend of 2/24

Hudson Valley ‘Soleil’, 6% ABV, Sour Ale. Beacon, NY – Mixed culture fermentation with pineapples in oak wine barrels, dry-hopped with marigold flowers and rose petals. Fruit forward lovely accessible yet complex sour. My staff pick of the week!

Other Half ‘Forever Green’, 4.8% ABV, Session IPA. Brooklyn, NY –  Super DANK and PINEY session with Columbus, Chinook and Apollo hops. Crush the Forever Green and join the team.

Industrial Arts ‘Jigsaw’, 6.2% ABV, Brett Beer. Garnerville, NY – Funky and fruity with legit notes of lemon and banana, this mixed culture beer is pale golden in color with distinct minerality and effervescene. A palate thriller that cuts an indirect line through brewing tradtions both old and new.

LIC Beer Project ‘Heaven Can Wait’, 9.5% ABV, Imperial Stout. Long Island City, NY – Rich chocolatey imperial stout aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for 7 months, further conditioned in steel with  blended a sprinkle of Vietnamese cinnamon and Treadwell Park’s hickory smoked brown sugar.


Weekend of 2/17

Bunker Brewing ‘Salad Daze’, 4.7% ABV, India Pale Lager. Portland, ME – Sessionable IPL hopped with citrusy and tropical hops giving off notes of lemon, orange, pineapple and mango. Incredibly crushable with a light, crisp body and hops for days.  Good dudes too!

Dark Horse ‘Rain in Blood’, 5% ABV, Orange Pale Ale. Marshall, MI –  LISTEN TO SLAYER! Their tribute to the late Jeff Hanneman from Slayer. This pale ale is brewed with fresh blood oranges and blood orange juice that is hand squeezed at the brewery. Fresh til death and goes deliciously with HEAVY METAL. 🤘

Grimm ‘Super Going’, 4.8% ABV, Gose with Orange Zest and White Oak. Brooklyn, NY – Assertively tart, with light sea salt appearing on the finish. Absolutely mouthwatering.

Half Acre ‘Navaja’, 9.5% ABV, Double IPA. Chicago, IL – Aggressive in nature but soft on the eyes, this bully will befriend you and attack your decision making sectors. Heavy on Citra, Mosaic and Columbus hops and Golden Promise malt. Ooh yeah.


Weekend of 2/10

Hill Farmstead ‘Citra’, 5.5% ABV, American Pale Ale. Greensboro Bend, VT – A pale ale bittered, flavored and dry hopped exclusively with Citra. All kinds of tropical notes, peach, pineapple, cantaloupe. Finished with a perfect bitterness and orange pine flavor. Perfectly balanced – drink it now cause it def won’t last!

Oxbow ‘Luppolo’, 5% ABV, Pilsner. Newcastle, ME –  Italian style Pilsner. Crisp clean, layers of biscuit, floral hops, grass and hint of citrus. Nice balance of malt and bitterness. Total crusher.

Grimm ‘Kinetic Cloud’, 5% ABV, Dry-hopped Sour Ale. Brooklyn, NY – Oak conditioned dry hopped sour featuring NZ hop varietals Wai-iti, Wakatu and Kohatu. Juicy and tart crusher with flavors of underripe green fruit, honeysuckle flowers and hop resin.

Mikkeller ‘SpontanPineapple’, 7.7% ABV, Lambic Style – Fruit. Copenhagen, DK – Part of the Mikkeller Spontan series – think sour pina colada with brettanomyces, finishes with a nice tart finish. Super refreshing!


Weekend of 2/3

Evil Twin Brewing ‘No More Brunch’, 7% ABV, IPA. Brooklyn, NY – Insanely fresh NEW experimental IPA from Evil Twin. Featuring loads of Nelson Sauvin hops; soooo deliciously good you’ll wanna replace ACTUAL brunch with this beer 😇

Oxbow ‘Harvest’, 6.5% ABV, Saison. Newcastle, ME –  Wet hopped saison brewed with Maine grown hops and grains. Lots of husky grain, some earthy pepper, balanced barnyard straw and light lemon. Nice lingering wet grain with a balanced bitterness. Tasty and easy drinking.

Pizza Boy ‘Sunnyside Up – Double Coffee’, 9.5% ABV, Imperial Stout. Enola, PA – Brewed with a special blend of coffee from their local roaster Little Amps Coffee. Rich coffee notes, chocolate, light roast. Phenomenal tasting coffee – perfect ‘warm me’ upper!

Suarez Family ‘Long Story Short’, 4.1% ABV, Oat Pale Ale. Livingston, NY – Newest offering by the always awesome and lovable Suarez Family. Fantastic pale ale with oats – crisp, clean and delicious: on point and only 4% so you can drink it alllll dayyyy long.


Weekend of 1/27

Brewski/Evil Twin ‘Little Big Hoppy’, 5.6% ABV, American Pale Ale. Helsingborg, Sweden/ Brooklyn, NY -Brewed with real pineapples! Balanced, hoppy, pineapple, tropical fruit, pine, resin, and grapefruit with a fruity hoppy bitter finish.

Hill Farmstead ‘Self Reliance #3’, 5% ABV, American Pale Ale. Greensboro Bend, VT –  Brewed with experimental South African hops. Pine, grapefruit rind, fruit juice. Simple but very solid and well balanced.

Other Half ‘Green Down to the Socks’, 7.9% ABV, Double IPA. Brooklyn, NY – Brewed with Motueka, Mosaic, Cascade and XJA hops. Tropical fruits with some berry notes and some hints of pine and pineapple. Juicy and danky. Hell yes.

Stillwater/Birra Toccalmatto ‘Toats Gone Wild’, 4.5% ABV, Saison. Baltimore, MA/Fidenza, Italy – a 100% oak malt saison fermented with multiple brett strains and dry hopped with Galaxy & Pacific Gem. Tart, dry and funky!


Weekend of 1/13

Greenpoint Beer and Ale ‘Smash Street’, 6.2% ABV, Hoppy Extra Pale Ale. Greenpoint, Brooklyn Baby! – This hazy extra pale ale exhibits fruity, spicy, tropical and citrus hop flavors. Loads of Citra and Galaxy hops (last batch had Nelson). Spectacular. We’ve got cans of this and Turbulence in stock! FRESH TIL DEATH.

Hill Farmstead ‘Galaxy Single Hop’, 5.5% ABV, American Pale Ale. Greensboro Bend, VT – An American Pale Ale bittered, flavored, and dry hopped exclusively with Galaxy hops. Incredibly crushable and intensely flavorful.

Tired Hands ‘Cause and Concern’, 5.6% ABV, Pilsner. Ardmore, PA – Brewed with Pilsner malt. Dryhopped with Citra and Mandarina Bavaria. Notes of grass, crushed cereal and sweet tender Mary Jane 😉

J Wakefield ‘Dark Horizon’, 6.5% ABV, Dunkelweisse. Miami, FL – A darker version of a Hefeweizen using a more complex malt bill. You will find the usual clove and banana characteristics balance with a malty and toasted bread characteristic creating a banana bread like finish.


Weekend of 1/6

Westbrook ‘Mexican Cake’, 10.5% ABV, Imperial Stout. Mt. Pleasant, SC – A serious imperial stout aged on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and fresh habanero peppers. Perfect balance of sweet roasted malts, spices, and heat from the peppers. Absolutely delicious!

Evil Twin/ Westbrook ‘Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break’, 10.5% ABV, Imperial Stout. Brooklyn, NY/ Mt. Pleasant, SC – Base beer is same as above but with Evil Twin thrown in the mix they added almonds and coffee! This super special collab is incredible – think roasted malts, vanilla, cocoa, dark chocolate, peppery heat and chocolate cake. Mmm… cake.

Alesmith ‘Speedway Stout – Vietnamese Coffee’, 12% ABV, Imperial Stout. San Diego, CA – We’ll have the OG Speedway Stout on draft as well; ominous, pitch-black, chocolate and roasted malts dominate, supported by notes of dark fruits, toffee and caramel. Brewed with Vietnamese Coffee and no Lactose.

Alesmith ‘Speedway Stout – Mokasida Coffee’, 12% ABV, Imperial Stout. San Diego, CA – Same as above but different variant! Mokaside is a regional blend of coffees that showcases the subtle characteristics of East African beans. When paired with the chocolate and roast character of this imperial stout, Mokaside imparts notes of cocoa, blueberry and sweet potatoes to make a truly unique beer.

Omnipollo ‘Selassie’, 11% ABV, Imperial Stout. Stockholm, SE – From our favorite friends in Stockholm, this batch is brewed at Crazy Mountain Brewing in Edwards, CO.  Rich medley of quality coffee, roasted malt, smoky hops, semi-sweet chocolate and sweet vanilla. Heads up: sip it slowly as it is rich as fudge.

Rodenbach ‘Alexander’, 6% ABV, Sour Red/Brown Ale. Roeselare, Belgium – This beer hasn’t been brewed since 1999 and last released in 2000, it’s a blended Flanders (“foederbier” aged in giant oak tanks) macerated with sour cherries. To be able to have this legendary beer in house is extraordinary! It’s complex, vinegary tartness is complemented by a malty red-ale backbone and hints of almond from the cherry pits.