Weekend of 5/12

Maine Beer Company ‘Lunch’, 7% ABV, IPA. Freeport, ME – The one…the only. This beer usually kicks within the same day tapped. Their “East Coast” version of a West Coast- style IPA. Intense hop flavors and aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and pine dominate. A subtle malt sweetness brings the beer into balance. Drink it.

Equilibrium ‘Perturbation Citra’, 6.5% ABV, IPA. Middletown, NY – Bright tropical passion fruit, mango, pineapple, lychee, and a touch of sweet that’s balanced by a smooth bitterness and round mouthfeel. This new-ish brewery is killin’ it!

Grimm ‘Rainbow Dome‘, 5% ABV, Dry Hopped Wild Ale brewed with Apricots. Brooklyn, NY –  Tart aromas of stone fruit and fruity hops (El Dorado, Columbus, Cascade). Intense apricot on the palate with soft, inviting acidity. Full, creamy mouthfeel with plesantly spicy tannins from both fruit skins and new oak. Crush, crush, crush.

Transmitter Brewing ‘SY1’, 7.2% ABV, Rye Saison. Long Island City, NY – Southeast N3 yeast cultured from necatarins and a saison malt profile drinks like a saison found a monk in a dark Abby 😉 think spicy yeast and clove meet a pile of necatarines with a hint of light pepper. Support local! 


Weekend of 4/28

Stone/ Maine ‘Dayslayer’, 7.5% ABV, India Pale Lager. UK/ Escondido, CA/ Freeport, ME – Clean, zesty, biscuity and crisp imperial Pilsner with intense bready character before turning sharply bitter with hints of pink peppercorns. Slay your day with a pint of this.

Birrificio Del Ducato ‘Torrente’, 6% ABV, Italian Style Pale Ale. Roncole Verdi di Busseto PR, Italy –   Alluring aroma that draws you in with notes of ripe citrus, peach, tropical fruit and pine. Soft on the palate, plesantly dry and herbaceous bitterness.

Grimm ‘Idaho 7′, 8% ABV, Single-hop Double IPA. Brooklyn, NY –  Using 264 pounds of this new hop (Idaho 7) and nothing else, they brewed this amazing DIPA that will give you pronounced notes of orange and peach fruit, some pungent chive/cannabis elements, black tea and an earthy herbal character reminiscent of the bass tones of Nelson. Won’t last long, as every Grimm we’ve ever tapped 🙂   

Rockaway Brewing/ BeerMenus.com ‘Needle in a Hopstack’, 6.5% ABV, IPA. Long Island City, NY – A juicy, double dry-hopped IPA, brewed with the guys over at BeerMenus.com. Bright, juicy and fruity with bold mango and papaya notes; an all around knockout. 


Weekend of 4/14

Siren/Casita Cerveceria/Beavertown ‘Amigos Britanicos’, 7.8% ABV, Farmhouse Ale. UK/ Greensboro Bend, VT/ UK – A farmhouse ale brewed with lime, honey and chili. Light fruits, honey, gentle chili and earthy. Mega tasty and def interesting!

Grimm ‘BFF’, 9% ABV, Triple IPA. Brooklyn, NY –   Grimm’s first proper hop bomb. Spicy citrus, lemon, medium bodied, incredibly bright and the alcohol is dangerously well hidden. A few of these and everyone will be BFF’s by the end of the night.

Swiftwater ‘Blueberry Sour’, 5.3% ABV, Sour Ale. Rochester, NY – New to the NYC area – lush, fruity and dry with loads of blueberries up front. Perfect sipper for sunny days.

Hudson Valley ‘Re-Up’, 8% ABV, Double IPA. Beacon, NY – Hopped up with El Dorado, Azacca, and Citra. Notes of marmalade, fruity pebbles, sugar cookies and orange flower water. Extremely juicy. 


Weekend of 4/7

Zero Gravity ‘Madonna’, 8% ABV, Double IPA. Burlington, VT – Heaps of hops! Tropical and grapefruit flavor from Citra hops meld beautifully with the lemon lime and nectar fruit from NZ’s Motueka hops. Wheat and Pilsner malt keep the body light and refreshing letting the hops express themselves.

Greenpoint Beer and Ale ‘Buoyancy’, 4.4% ABV, Berliner Weisse. Brooklyn, NY –  A lime berliner weisse, oh my! Pucker up, there’s mojito lime notes, alongside with some melon and tropical tones, conditioned on fresh lime zest to continue the theme. Newest sour by our beloved sister brewpub. 

Flying Dog ‘Barrel Aged Gonzo‘, 9.2% ABV, Imperial Porter. Frederick, MD – Aged in oak whiskey barrels for at least 180 days! Well balanced and abundance of character. It’ll remind you of sweet chocolate, dry oak, and smooth whiskey with a memorable, velvety mouthfeel.

Fantome ‘Saison’, 8% ABV, Saison. Soy-Erezee, Belgium – Tremendously delicious, textural fizzy country ale, reminiscent of a good champagne but in a class of its own. A solid Belgian saison with an unusual overlay of fruitness. A true OG. Respect.


Weekend of 3/31

Jolly Pumpkin/ Monkish ‘Cucurbitophobia’, 6.1% ABV, Sour Ale. Dexter, MI/ Torrance, CA – Dare you to try and say the name three times in a row, it’s means the fear of gourds. These two epic breweries got together and brewed this sour ale with blood oranges and spices. Citric, tropical, mango and nuts, with some lactic edges and a bit off dry. Beautiful beer and i’m extremely stoked for you guys to try this. 

Oxbow ‘Farmhouse Pale Ale’, 6% ABV, Saison. Newcastle, ME –  A hoppy saison with a healthy portion of American hops that uplifts the solid Belgian pilsner malt backbone. Nice and dry, slightly floral, very refreshing. Perfect beer for Sunday’s 60 degree weather!

Other Half ‘DDH Small Green Everything‘, 4.9% ABV, Session IPA. Brooklyn, NY – They took their already amazing ‘Small Green Everything’ (smaller version of its big brother ‘All Green Everything’ hopped with Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Motueka) and packed it with DOUBLE the DRY HOPS. So fresh, juicy, clean and drinkable, and with that low ABV, you could drink this all day and night!

Suarez Family ‘Look No Further’, 4.8% ABV, American Pale Ale. Livingston, NY – Newest beer by the always awesone Suarez Family! An American Pale ale brewed with wheat. Crazy amount of flavor for the size of the beer, incredibly smooth and delicious. Another Winner. 


Weekend of 3/23

Rushing Duck ‘Rudy Juice’, 15.9% ABV, Barleywine. Chester, NY – An all New York State barley wine with malt from Hudson Valley Malt. Deep, rich flavors of caramel and burnt sugar; big and malty with a nice sweetness that’s not cloying.

Urban Family ‘Twilight Stone’, 6.5% ABV, Porter. Seattle, WA –  A porter with 30 pounds of plums added to each barrel! A little tart and a tad chocolatey, malty and complex. Interesting indeed!

Bunker ‘Salad Daze, 4.7% ABV, Premium Lager. Portland, ME – Little bit of dank, passion fruit and mango. Orange rind and some wheaty doughy grains; Juicy, super citrusy and crushable fo’ sho’.

Breakside ‘Salted Caramel’, 6.7% ABV, Stout. Portland, OR – A dessert stout brewed with lactose caramel and fleur de sel, inspired by their friends from Salt & Straw (a must visit Ice Cream shop in Portland, OR) Light bodied and smooth with a dry finish. Flavors of roasted malt, cocoa, coffee, salt and light caramel with a smooth dry lingering salty cocoa finish. Addicting!


Weekend of 3/17

Burial ‘The Crucifix’, 9.1% ABV, Abbey Tripel. Asheville, NC – A beer made from nothing more than 6-row Pilsner malt and a spattering of oats and refermented on cane sugar then finished with a small dose of European aromatic hops. This beer is sharp to the palate and deceivingly light despite its 9% strength. Expect herbal aromas and a sweet orchard fruit finish.

Hudson Valley ‘King Wavy’, 9% ABV, Double IPA. Beacon, NY –  Brewed with Citra and Simcoe – more tropical with a nice mango hop and a piney dank finish. Smooth, malt balances the hops very well. A total well balanced juice bomb that makes us go OOH WEE.

Mikkeller San Diego ‘Hop Geek Breakfast (with Coffee), 7.5% ABV, Black IPA. San Diego, CA – Another heavy hitter from Mikkeller’s San Diego brewery – super potent with tons of roasted malt, bold piney hops and dry espresso. Aggressive as hell, delicious as fuck.

Highway Manor ‘Mr. Blueberry’, 5.2% ABV, Sour Ale. Camp Hill, PA – Blueberries, funk and oak… oh my! Sour, big blueberry presence with a nice funky oaky barrel note. This is the most blueberry flavor in a sour, absolutely crusher from this new-ish brewery to the scene.